Welcome! The response was so overwhelming for my preseason predictions podcast we’ve made it to an episode two. The topics I discussed in today’s podcast are: -The Wendy’s Redhead vs. The AT&T Brunette -What Ray Did -Raider Violence -The Rise of the Falcons -Kaepernick’s Race -A 6,000 Yard Passer -Fish Sticks And much, much more! […]

The topics include: -Parakeet Masturbation -Superbowl Hangovers -Trannies -Natural Regression -Shit Size vs. Penis Size -When the Rookie QBs Should Start and so much more!

I’m making the All-Convict team. What changes or additions would you make? Coach Ryan Leaf (robbery) Yes, he coached at West Texas A&M                                                                                                                                                                                                                 QB Mike Vick (dog serial killer) RB O.J. Simpson (murder(allegedly, unless you’re smart), armed robbery) WR Rae Carruth (murder) WR Chad Johnson (excessive spousal abuse) WR Marvin Harrison (murder(allegedly)) TE Aaron Hernandez […]

#ClassyKaepernickHate was trending on Twitter this morning. Here are the jokes I came up with: – He calls his groupies the 69ers. – Rupaul thinks he needs to tone it down. – He hugs his binky whenever he has one of those Seattle nightmares. – Most crackheads shivering in alleys have less tattoos. – San […]

The internet exploded last night because of an officiating call in a football game. It left me with these thoughts: Would this be a story if it wasn’t the Patriots or another big market/glamour franchise team? Yes, but it’d be a much smaller story. If it wasn’t prime time would we care? Yes, we’d care […]

1 through 5 in the AFC is rock solid. After that you have a bunch of McGloins and Tuels vying for playoff glory. Here’s my douchey opinion on them all. Jets – How do some people think Geno Smith is good? He’s thrown 8 touchdowns to 16 interceptions. They’d be better off with Mark Sanchez. […]

I have not watched the Trent Richardson sex tape, but the pun should make sense by the end of this sentence. The NFL is a league where one bad decision can cost an entire front office their jobs. So why knowing that, do so many people continue to defend their bad decisions? Credit the Browns […]


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