NFL Douchebag 6969 Peach Tree St. Apt. #69 Atlanta, GA 30369 404-555-6969   Education: Oh, I’ve got my G.E.D. Experience: The Gap – Salesman (October 2008-May 2009) My job duties included telling fellow douchebags that they look like shit when wearing our merchandise. Informing our customers that we do not sell dog sweaters. I also […]

Weclome! This week on the podcast the topics I discuss are: -A Womp Womp Performance from the Bills -The Adrian Peterson Situation -The NFC South -The Surging Chiefs -The Sinking Broncos -The Real Green Bay Packers -Being the Only Person Right About the Cardinals -Being the Only Person Right About the Colts -And Much, Much […]

The topics I discuss on this week’s podcast are: -Crybabies -Dobabies -The 49ers Saving Their Season -The Steelers Mark of Futility -The Falcons Having Better Playoff Chances than the 49ers -0-16 -The Seahawks Playoff Odds -The Butt Fumbler -And Much, Much More!

I did a power rankings post a few weeks ago and much to my surprise it got thousands of hits, more than anything I’ve ever posted. So here we go again. 1. Arizona Cardinals – Much like the desert, and Drew Stanton’s eHarmony inbox, the top is really fucking lonely. 2. New England Patriots – […]

This podcast parallels my preseason predictions podcast pretty closely. I go division by division repicking all the playoffs spots, my Super Bowl Champion, MVP, and discuss some of the major storylines now facing the teams. I peppered in a few questions as well.

On this episode of the podcast I discuss: -What Lizards and Calzones Have in Common -The Broncos Clinching the AFC West -A Series of Unfortunate Events for the Atlanta Falcons -The Underachieving Bears -The Raiders Push for 0-16 -The Cowboys Push for 8-8 -And Much, Much More!

I’ve never done this as I think power rankings are lame, but people eat them up. If you want to eat my shit, shit I shall. 1. Dallas Cowboys – They have the best record in the league. It’s basic science. 2. Denver Broncos – If quarterbacking ability made you hot, Peyton Manning would look […]


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