On this episode of the podcast I discuss: -What Lizards and Calzones Have in Common -The Broncos Clinching the AFC West -A Series of Unfortunate Events for the Atlanta Falcons -The Underachieving Bears -The Raiders Push for 0-16 -The Cowboys Push for 8-8 -And Much, Much More! https://archive.org/download/Episode9_20141030_2149/episode%209.wav

I’ve never done this as I think power rankings are lame, but people eat them up. If you want to eat my shit, shit I shall. 1. Dallas Cowboys – They have the best record in the league. It’s basic science. 2. Denver Broncos – If quarterbacking ability made you hot, Peyton Manning would look […]

Welcome! This week on the podcast the topics I discuss are: -The Jets B.O. -What Not Wrong with the Seahawks -The Quarterback Clusterfuck in Washington -The Bleak Future of the NFC South -The Chiefs Made a Big Boy Kick -Only Four Touchdowns from Peyton Manning -And Much, Much More! https://archive.org/download/Episode8_20141021/episode%208.wav

On this week’s episode of the podcast, the topics I discuss are: -Luck’s Luck -The Hunt for the Zodiac Killer -And That’s Why They’re the Bills -Male Cheerleaders -Another Bucs Implosion -Peyton Manning’s Place in NFL History -Kissing Your Sister -Demarco Murray’s Push for Eric Dickerson’s Record -The Browns Being on the Right Side of […]

Welcome! This week the topics I discuss are: – A Christian Ponder Sighting – Being Drunk at Disneyland – Kyle Orton – The Bears Path to a Championship – The Bears Path to the Cellar – My Top 3 MVP Candidates – The Jets QB Situation – The Legacy of Drew Brees – The Rise […]

This week on the podcast I discuss: -What Cousins Did -A Kyle Orton/Herpes Comparison -Pittsburgh’s Shame -Why Rex Ryan Should Be Fired -Why Rex Ryan Should Be Hired -Disney Porn -Bill Simmons -And Much, Much More! https://archive.org/download/Episode5_201410/episode%205.wav

NFL Douchebag (510)-555-6969 69 Douche Plum Lane Oakland, CA 94601   Education PhD in Yoga Studies from The School of Hard Knocks (June 2008) Cumulative GPA: 3.69 (I would’ve gotten a 4.0, but my GPA is funnier.) -My senior thesis was on how to stretch to avoid your butt from being hurt.   Experience   […]


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